September 9 event coming up soon!

Apple’s awaited special event taking place on september 9th but what will we see?

The most possible rumor is of course the ipod touch 3rd gen which is rumored to have a 3MP camera similar to the one in the 3GS ipodtouch3g:

Also rumored to  have a capacity of up to 64GB!

Other rumers include:

8GB 3GS (looking more unlikely every day)

iPod nano with a cameranano_camera_1 (just dont think so)

Apple Tablet/ macbook touch (more likely to be early 2010)

Some of the beatles being realesed on itunes

and finally scrapping all the ipods apart from the itouch (it isnt going to happen for a start apple have only just released the new ipod shuffle why just get rid of it like that? I see this happening some time 2011 and maybe a ipod touch 4G released.


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