The big apple tablet idea

macbook air 10 inch tap tap

The big theory

Right all we know is that apple have bought is a whole load of 10 inch screens we don’t no that they are going to make a tablet.

So here is chad from The iPhone blogs Phone Different podcast stating the facts, he has a great theory. I have edited it down a bit but it is basically what he said.

Some time between the september 9 event and january this is what were going to see, everything is going to go to solid state drives, macbooks the lot, 120, 200 gig solid state drives. Solid state drives are similar to hard drives but as they have no moving parts they are silent and usually quicker also less fragile.
We already have the perfect handheld device, iPhone, for everything a tablet would be cool but not really very useful.
But what about this; right macbook air does not sell they sold a few in the first week since then… nothing. So listen to this what I think is going to happen, is this apple is going to take those 10 inch screens and were going to have a 10 inch macbook air that will take that mid range $800-$900 sweet spot. It will be core 2 duo, blazing fast, full keyboard but just a 10 inch screen.
That will be this mystical tablet, netbook device. Come on can you imagine holding a 10 inch iPhone your hands would tire using it, I’m not going to lie it does sound really cool but I just can’t see apple doing it, they will never let anything stand in the way of there iPhone’s let alone one of there own products. But there was a mention of a multi touch screen but I really doubt it. If you think about it no one wants to carry around a delicate 10 inch tablet but a 10 inch macbook air will weigh less and will slip nicely in a bag. You don’t need that you’ve already got a computer in your pocket, the iPhone, but sometimes you need something a little more powerful. So get a macbook, but you cant carry around a macbook. So thats where the 10 inch macbook air comes in. What a great idea.


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