Top grossing colum added to AppStore

On the AppStore apple has introduced a new section under the Top 25 catorgory.
This colum is called top grossing basically this means that all the apps will be ranked on how much revenue they have generated.
Many developers have called for this, reason being that thier premium apps are not having as many downloads therefore not showing in the top 25 ;even though they are generating more income than other 99 cent apps. This catergory is very useful for me as I useually spend the extra cash and get the premium app.

Yes I live in the UK and yes I’m unlocked to vodafone and no I’m nor using a 3GS to get the percentage sign in the top right, it’s actually battery info from the cydia store. Or if your using a 3GS you can turn it on by going to
Settings>general>usage and turning the battery thing i’m not sure never played with a 3GS.


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