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App pick of the day: Glance

September 8, 2009

Name: Glance

Price: – $0.99

Category: –  Lifestyle

F1’s Rating:- 9/10

Review: – I love the simplicity in this app, all it does is show you the weather, time and a rss feed also it has a built in alarm. The app isn’t STUNNING but it is defiantly worth it, very nice to have it sitting on your bedside table

Killer Features:- Cheap and useful

Downsides: – Slight lack of features

Overall: – Love it

Screenshots: –

Picture 1

Picture 2


App pick of the day: Snaptell

September 7, 2009


Name: Snaptell

Price: – Free

Category: – Lifestyle

F1’s Rating:- 8/10

Review: – Snaptell is absolutely great you have got to get it. It lets you open up the camera take a picture of a book, DVD, game, CD ,vinyl or software. Then it sends the picture to its servers and comes back with the item or sometimes many different types of the item, e.g if it was a CD it would also have it in vinyl or more than one copy of a particular CD.

Killer Features:- Free and impresive

Downsides: – Only supports books, DVD’s, games, vinyl and software

Overall: – Must have app can’t complain it’s free

Screenshots: –


App Pick of the Day: The Wars

September 6, 2009

319044149icon-100x100Name: – The Wars

Price: – $0.99

Category: –Games

F1’s Rating:- 6.5/10

Review: – The wars is one of my favorite games on the iPhone; it is very basic but loads of fun. The aim of the game is to destroy the CPU’s cave with your men. You have a cave and so does your opponent you build men, tanks and other weird and wonderful things, you unlock more things to build as you progress throughout the game. You can upgrade your cave and your catapult and so on. The game is hard to explain but give it a go and you’ll no what i mean. (Take a look at the screenshots)

Killer Features:- Cheap and addictive

Downsides: – Only 1 Game Mode and very basic graphics

Overall: – Brilliant game. Worth every penny

Screenshots: –

screenshot 2 the warsscreenhot the wars

App Pick of the Day: Amplitude

September 5, 2009


Name:- Amplitude

Price:- $0.99

Category: –Entertainment

F1’s Rating:- 6/10

Review: –Amplitude is a basic but very cool app. What it does is amplify the noise around you, it would really help someone with hearing difficulty. You can mute the sound and change the level of microphone boost. But really its just a bit of fun, and forlistening to peoples private convosations.

Killer Features:- Cheap and nice inerface

Downsides: – No ability to record the sound

Overall: – Very nice App, Kids will love it

Screenshots: –

Amplitude screenshot

App pick of the day: LogMeIn

September 5, 2009

Name:- LogMeIn Ignition

Price:- $29.99

Catorgory: -Productivity

F1’s Rating:- 8/10

Review: – LogMeIn Ignition basicly allows you to remotly access your mac or pc from any destination in the world over wifi, 3G or even Edge. This app has a great interface and very easy to set up ; enabling you to zoom in and out, pan around and do anything you would really do on your computer.

Killer Features:- Stunning quality and ability to access from any where in the world.

Downsides: – Expensive

Overall: – worth it

Screenshots :-