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Simplytweet best iPhone Twitter client?

September 15, 2009

Simplytweet is a very simple easy to use Twitter client it has everything you could ever really need, combining simplicity with pure genius and modern iPhone standards. The apps only floor is that you can’t see who your followig and who’s following you but who cares it’s got push notifications!

This app is overall my favorite Twitter client and at just $4.99 it’s an absolute steal. There’s also a lite version for people on the fence but trust me you’ll love it.


App Review:- Modern Combat: Sandstorm

September 5, 2009


Name: – Modern Combat: Sandstorm

Price:- $6.99

Category: -Games

F1’s Rating:- 9/10

Review: – Modern Combat is a first person shooter like any other accept it has one difference the graphics are miles ahead of any other game in the app store. It does have cool missions,  a large selection of weapons, and very slick controls with the ability to choose between, Default Controls, Screen Tap and Virtual Sticks (personally i like virtual sticks). Also Gameloft as promised a future free update to include online multiplayer. You can find out more at

Killer Features:- Absoloutly stunning graphics and realism

Downsides: – Has none other than its a bit pricy

Overall: – Best first person shooter on the app store

Screenshots: –